Ravi Industries - Machinery & equipments comply with  USFDA, UKMCA & cGMP Norms. & fabricate process equipments under International Code like ASME Section VIII Div. 1.
pharmaTECH, leaders in Pharmaceutical process and packaging machinery now offer a new improved version of the Automatic Bottling line. Superior design, sturdy construction, easy operation and many other unique features make the pharmaTECH Bottling line, the first choice of Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food & Beverage, Ink, Cosmetic, Pesticide and other industries. The line has an elegant finish, needs little maintenance and is backed up by our excellent after-sale-service.

The line is designed to given an output of 2000-4000 Bottles per hour. To achieve maximum operation efficiency, the necessary parameters are laid out. (Please refer to technical details overleaf).The line consists of the machines.
  • Rotary Bottle Washing Machine
  • Rotary Bottle Drying OVEN
  • Automatic Bottle Filling Machine
  • Automatic ROPP Cap Sealing / Automatic Aluminum Cap Sealing Machine
  • Inspection table
  • Automatic Gumming & Labeling Machine
  • Canvas Conveyor Belts
  • Slat Conveyor Belts
All machines in the Bottling line are supplied in an assembled condition and need only proper positioning and alignment during installation. For easy transportation, the machines are provided with castors. Once positioned only the adjustable bolts need to be tightened.